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New editorial team

15 Mar New editorial team

Exciting times for us here at HQ.

Davy after about half a decade at the helm is moving away to focus on our sister title Audi Tuner.

So here I am stepping into the incredibly big boots he has left for me to fill.

A few of you will know me already from clubs and shows and forums etc and those who don’t know me that way will most likely have seen articles I’ve written in the mag (the March/April cover story about Stephen Riddle’s RWD clio was me for example) but here is a bit of an intro for those who don’t know.

I’m Simon Comins (known as “Chip” to my mates) and I’m a long term petrol head.
I started out in French car Ownership about a dozen years ago with an mi16 powered 205 and after a spell in fords and vauxhalls (I was a techy writer for Total Vauxhall and Fast Ford as well as doing some bits for Redline) I then found myself back in the French car scene about 6 or 7 years ago with a mk1 clio that I built into a Williams powered track car on throttle bodies.
From there I moved into mk2 clios and have owned several since and am really excited that my first role stepping up from writer to editor will be at PFC as I am hugely into French cars at the moment and always at the shows and events anyway.


Chip's r26 powered clio cup

Chip’s r26 powered clio cup


My most recent project will be in the mag in a couple issues time when I take over formally (Davy is finishing up with the next issue as his last) and is an R26 Megane Turbo powered Clio 172 Cup that I built from a shell a mate had left over after he broke his track car project.
I’ve done almost everything on it myself in my single garage at home so hopefully plenty of you will relate to that side of things. Loom making, engine mounts, fuel line making, ECU install, mapping etc as I’m a very hands on kind of person.
Going to sound a bit sad here I’m side but bottom line is cars aren’t just a job to me to write about they are pretty much my whole life (and thankfully the Mrs too as she would never see me if she didn’t like being in the garage as much as I do!)

Joining me on the team as a features and articles writer and my general right hand man will be Russ Fitch.
Some of you may know him from his online blogging for other titles and articles for websites etc and he’s been a big part of the French scene for a dozen years or so in general having had approaching a 3 figure number of cars now in fact.

We are both really keen to work with as many clubs as possible and are hoping you guys will give us a heads up of events your clubs are running or even meets at the pub for that matter if there are a few of you heading down to talk cars. If we can make it we will come along and if not maybe you can share some pics with us of what you got up to that we can use for a club write up etc.

Email addresses for us are:

Or if you have a car you would like to see in readers rides or a possible feature car send that in to us and the rest of the team at

See you all at French Car Show at the beginning of June hopefully.